About Us

Started as an initiative to make healthcare accessible to everyone, Zayak started as a small group and today we have our team with our global network of hospitals aiming to provide quality healthcare services at the most affordable prices to a range of customers.

To become a client centric healthcare and medical tourism company with our roots in all countries offering medical services to customers worldwide.

To become a leading name and pioneer in the field of medical tourism and healthcare personnel, whilst collaborating with a global network of hospitals worldwide to deliver patient centric services.

The people behind Zayak

Started with the intention of connecting patients in need with affordable healthcare in their destination of choice, Zayak has made its name in the field of medical tourism and aims to be a market leader in the upcoming years.

The brainchild of Mr.Kadhim Hasan, we seek to stand apart from the rest by being your home- away from home. Our specialities include excellent treatment options in some of the best hospitals, translators of your native language, accommodation packages, hospital recommendations, all while trying our best to cater to your affordability.

Meet Our Team

Salim Kidwai

Chief Operating Officer

Kadhim Hasan Faleeh

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Manaal

Business Development Head

Our Core Strengths

Medical Tourism- patient centered

We go as far as taking your mental health into consideration. Zayak stands out in offering exclusive packages for drug addiction and psychiatric disorders with renowned hospitals, one of the first of its kind.

Pharmaceutical- business and growth opportunities

We look for like minded business partners willing to grow and thrive in the healthcare industry and partnering with us.

Manpower- healthcare personnel

We help connecting skilled talent with like minded companies , helping them achieve their goals

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Let us ensure your journey to good health is hassle free. You can count on us for the best treatment options!